JFCネットワークは、日本人とフィリピン人の間に生まれた子どもたち(Japanese-Filipino Children:JFC)を支援するNPOです。

特定非営利活動法人 JFCネットワーク




11月3日(祝)に「Made in Japan」「父の国・母の国をめぐる旅」の出版記念イベントを行います。ぜひご参加ください!
On November 3 (national holiday), we will hold an event to celebrate the publication of “Made in Japan” in English and “父の国・母の国をめぐる旅/Journey to the Land of the Father and the Land of the Mother” in Japanese. Please join us!

「Made in Japan」「父の国・母の国をめぐる旅」出版記念イベント
※「JFC」は「Japanese-Filipino children」の略称です。

Title: JFC Fes
Event celebrating the publication of “Made in Japan” in English and “父の国・母の国をめぐる旅” in Japanese.
※JFC” is an abbreviation for “Japanese-Filipino children.

・Date: Thursday, November 3, 2022 (national holiday)

・Place: Shinjuku NPO Kyodo Suishin Center Room 501 (https://snponet.net/%e3%82%a2%e3%82%af%e3%82%bb%e3%82%b9/)

4-36-12 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

・Time: Doors open at 1:30 p.m., performance begins at 2:00 p.m. and lasts until 4:00 p.m.

・Program: Performances and storytelling by JFCs

※JFCネットワーク20周年記念イベントとして「JFCとして生きる私の人生」エッセイコンテストを実施しました。コンテストに応募のあった中から優れたエッセイをまとめた「Made in Japan」がフィリピンのアテネオ大学で2018年10月に出版されました。その後、2020年9月、日本語訳本として「父の国・母の国をめぐる旅」を発行しました。今回のイベントでは様々な才能持つJFCたちのパフォーマンス(歌、詩の朗読、ビートボックス)の他、エッセイ執筆者からの語りも交えながら日本人としてフィリピン人として生きるJFCたちの声をお届けします。
*The “My Life as a JFC” essay contest was held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the JFC Network. Made in Japan,” a collection of outstanding essays from among those submitted to the contest, was published in October 2018 at Ateneo University in the Philippines. This was followed by the publication of a Japanese translation of the book, “父の国・母の国をめぐる旅/ Journey to the Land of the Father and the Land of the Mother,” in September 2020. The event will feature performances (singing, poetry reading, beatboxing) by JFCs with various talents, as well as stories from the essay writers, to bring you the voices of JFCs who live as Japanese and Filipinos. The event will also feature the voices of the JFCs living as Japanese and Filipinos.

①参加チケット(「父の国・母の国をめぐる旅」または「Made in Japan」1冊付き)・・・1,000円
③参加チケット(「父の国・母の国をめぐる旅」または「Made in Japan」1冊付き)、寄附2000円・・・3,000円

Ticket Types
1) Participation ticket (with a copy of “Journey to the Land of the Fathers and the Land of the Mothers” or “Made in Japan”): 1,000 yen
②Participation ticket (paid on the day of the event) *Please purchase a ticket for payment on the day of the event (free of charge, paid on the day of the event) even if you pay on the day of the event.
③Participation ticket (with a copy of “Journey to the Land of the Father and the Land of the Mother” or “Made in Japan”), donation 2,000 yen・・・・3,000 yen
④Support ticket (You cannot participate on the day of the event, but we will send you a support message. A video filmed on the day of the event will be sent to you.) 1,000 yen

If you would like to attend, please purchase tickets in advance via Peatix.
(Peatix membership registration is required.)

Or, if you have difficulty with the petix process, you may contact us through one of the following methods and you can also join us by paying on the day of the event.
E-mail: jfcnet@jca.apc.org
Phone/Fax: 050-3328-0143

We look forward to seeing you there!