JFCネットワークは、日本人とフィリピン人の間に生まれた子どもたち(Japanese-Filipino Children:JFC)を支援するNPOです。

特定非営利活動法人 JFCネットワーク



JFCネットワークエッセイコンテスト/ JFC Network Essay Writing Contest 

<テーマ / Title>
「Japanese-Filipino child(JFC)として生きる私の人生」
“My Life as a Japanese-Filipino Child”

<応募条件 / Qualification>
・Japanese-Filipino child (Location of the applicant is not relevant)

<応募規定 / Rule>
・Essays should be submitted in English at a maximum of 2,000 words or in
Japanese at a maximum of 4,000 kanji characters. Essays exceeding this
length or handwritten may not be considered.

・Unpublished essay only

・one person may submit only one essay

・Deadline of application: 30 April 2014

・If submitted by e-mail, we prefer that you send the essay in a Microsoft
Word document; however, we will also consider essays that are pasted into
the body of the e-mail itself. We will accept printed manuscript by postal
mail. Please indicate your name, birthday, sex, address, telephone number,
cellphone number, and email address with application form in your entry.

※you can download the application form from website of JFC Network or we
can send you directly if you contact us.
Application Form(English)

・送付先:JFCネットワーク エッセイコンテスト係 
〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿4-16-2 西新宿ハイホーム206 
Tel& fax: 050-3328-0143, email: jfcnet@jca.apc.org
・You can send your entry by post mail to:
Citizen’s Network for Japanese-Filipino Children (JFC Network)
Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku Nishi Shinjuku 4-16-2 Nishi Shinjuku High Home 206,
OR you can send your entry by e-mail to: jfcnet@jca.apc.org

・The 10 finalist will be interviewed in JFC Network Tokyo office or through
Skype if the finalist is not capable of coming to our office.

<著作権について / copyright>
・The copyright should belong to CNJFC and will not return your essay to
We will post the information about winners’ names and works in our website,
facebook and newsletter.

<個人情報の取り扱いについて / treatment of personal information>
Your personal information will be kept confidential at all times and we will
not disclose, give, or rent your personal information.

<賞金 / Prize>
・1st prize winner – Y 100,000 2nd prize winner – Y 50,000 3rd prize
winner – Y 10,000
The rest of the 7 finalist will receive Y 1,000 as a consolation award.

<入賞者発表 /The announcement of winners>
・The winners will be announced directly during first week of July 2014