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「移住女性の就労ワークショップ」を行いました♪/ workshop on working condition survey of migrant women


We had a workshop on “working condition survey of migrant women” last May 12th(Sat.), at Kashimada Church, in Kawasaki, Kanagawa-ken.



We, “Migrant Women Project” had conducted to interview with 60 cases targeting migrant women every region in Japan in 2017 for research to know about the reality of their working condition and to search how we should support them.



Ms. Sachi Takaya gave an interim report of our reseach for women who cooperated with our interview research in our workshop, and also we had workshop to discuss the reality of thier working condition and the way how we should support them.


7-8人の6つのグループに分かれ、3つのテーマ(①personal level、②profesional leval, ③community level)で各人が自身の回答を紙に書き、グループごとにまとめてグループごとに発表しました。

We separaeted into 6 groups with 7-8 members in each group, all of us made answers of those questions of 3 level (①personal level、②profesional leval, ③community level) and presented our discussion for each group.



All groups’ members engaged in work seriously and thought about thier working conditiond and gave the issue.



It was very much meaningful workshop.