JFCネットワークは、日本人とフィリピン人の間に生まれた子どもたち(Japanese-Filipino Children:JFC)を支援するNPOです。

特定非営利活動法人 JFCネットワーク




JFC Network held its regular general assembly on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from 2:00 to 4:30 pm through ZOOM. The meeting was attended by 8 regular supporter members, 3 secretariat members, and 5 observers, including volunteers, interns, and other members, for a total of 16 participants.
There was a report on activities in FY2021, a report on the financial statements, a report on planned activities for FY2022, and a report on the budget for FY2022, all of which were approved.
This was the first regular general assembly since the loss of Naoko Kono of Maligaya House. JFC Network welcomed a fundraiser to strengthen and structure the organization for the future. We have decided to carry on Naoko Kono’s wishes to maintain Maligaya House and to protect the human rights of JFC, and to see as many as possible with smiles on their faces.
We sincerely hope that your continued support and cooperation will be of great help to us in the years to come.
JFC Network Board Members and Secretariat