JFCネットワークは、日本人とフィリピン人の間に生まれた子どもたち(Japanese-Filipino Children:JFC)を支援するNPOです。

特定非営利活動法人 JFCネットワーク




JFCネットワークは本日が2023年度の仕事納めの日になります。今日は、インターンさん2名、スタッフ3名、新規ケースのインタビュのために元マリガヤハウスのスタッフのみずほさんにも来て頂き、狭い事務所に6名で仕事をしました。※English is below.









Today is the last day of work for JFC Network for the fiscal year 2023. We had six people working in our small office today, including two interns, three staff members, and a former Maligaya House staff Mizuho-san who came to interview for a new case.

We all had Indian curry for lunch.

It has been a really busy year with another year passing by at a very fast pace.

After losing Naoko Kono of Maligaya House in 2020, I feel that all the staff members have worked very hard to get the organization back on its feet.

I would like to be a little more relaxed and more relaxed in our activities, but I sometimes worry that we are losing something in the way we work, as if we are always being chased by something at any given moment.

Next year will celebrate the 30th anniversary of JFC Network, and we are planning various events for the 30th anniversary, so please come and visit the event if you are able.

Thirty years may seem like a short time, but we have been able to continue our activities thanks to all of you who have enthusiastically supported and cooperated with us over the years. Thank you very much. And we look forward and appreciate your continued support in the coming year as well.

It is not a “good” world, neither in Japan nor in the world, but we will not give up hope and keep moving forward to make our society as good as possible for JFC and for the future of mankind.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!